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Call Category Comments
JA9EJGSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
JE0ANWSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
JE1COBSO LP ALLTKS for ALL participants
JE5HTNSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
JE7KJGSO LP 40MI enjoyed the contest. I would like to have fun next year
JF1OVASO LP 10MI enjoyed the contest
JF1WWMSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest, Thank you 73
JF2CTSSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest
JF3PNQSO HP 20MFT4 maybe better for transmitter
JG8TDZSO HP 10MI enjoyed the contest
JH0WJESO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
JH0WJFSO HP 15MI enjoyed the contest
JH1JJVSO LP 15MI enjoyed the contest
JH1WOYSO LP ALLI enjoyed the contest
JH3DMQSO QRP 40MRig: IC-7300M ANT: 19.8mH V-DP(CD-330V) OATH: I swer PWR down QRP 5W
JH4UYBSO LP ALLGreat Contest !
JH6QILSO LP 15MI enjoyed the contest
JH7UJUChecklogFT-817ND DP Yagi
JI7JIHSO LP 15MI enjoyed the contest
JK1HIYSO LP 15MFun contest!
JK1HWUSO LP ALLenjoyed this contest, but little on 80m & 160m, very sad! 100w, 10mH 23mL Long-Wire with counterpoise 24ea
JK1PSQSO LP ALLThis was my first time participating in this contest. However, DIGI-QSO was too difficult. Because both sides tried to talk to each other, so it was very confusing. The QSO-time was recorded at the end (73 or RR73). This is because it often took several minutes to establish QSO. I would like to participate again next year. Thx. 73!
JL3OXRSO LP ALL21.090 is not so good since it is the same frequency for F/H operation in sometime. In fact, there it is
JL3ZHUMSLI enjoyed the contest
JO1KTDSO LP 15MI enjoyed my first FT8 contest. Thanks for everyone
JR2EKDSO QRP ALLI enjoyed the contest by QRP
JR2IGVSO LP ALLI felt the conditions were worse than last year. It was also hot all day. But I was able to fully enjoy the contest
JR3RIUSO HP ALLenjoy contest
K3URTSO LP ALLOnly a few answer the contest CQ
K4EASO HP 40M10M contacts are included as a checklog
K5IFASO LP ALLThis was the third WW-DIGI contest for me, and it was again great fun! Many thanks to the organizers and to all who worked me! 73!
K5ZDSO HP ALLWeirdly addicting contest. New dopamine hit every 45 seconds, and love seeing those mults show up in a different color. Also frustrating at times. Never found much action or success on FT4
K7DWISO LP 15MFun doing just 15 Meters handing out points. I wish E51D had used a different frequency for the DXPedition. Lots of non-contest activity
K8LFSO HP ALLDigital Contest is always fun
KA6BIMSO LP ALLPoor to marginal conditions on low bands high bands were in good shape. Lots of activity and fun contest. Thanks for the qso's Dave ka6bim
KC3WDWSO LP 20MMy first time at ww-digi. Fun to work. Will be back !
KI5PEDSO LP ALLTnx new ones Czech and Falklands, HPE QSL! Tnx WA for being 3010 km away!
KN4FLOSO LP 10MGood contest!! Make it last longer!
KN6OKYSO LP ALLChance contest! 73 for all that replied to my CQ and helped me out a bunch!
KS7TSO LP 20MDid all FT4 for the first time in this one, slow start at first but things picked up in the P.M. Could not believe how fast so many signals disappeared after 7 seconds. Lost many QSOs due QSB or maybe lack of patience for bad cndx? Several EU stns hrd but only 2 wrkd. Wrkd 60 Eu.2 days before contest with only 100w
KV4ZYSO LP ALLCasual operating just for fun
N1APISO LP ALLWould not mind if this one was a 36 or 48 hour test. Much fun!
N4MCCSO LP ALLWhile an FT 4/8 contest is fun, I probably will no longer participate in it. There is no real way to see who is actually logging for the contest other than the few that say CQ WW. If we only QSO with the ones that say CQ WW, we wouldn't get but a few hundred. Because of this most of the QSO will be removed and penalized. Since most logging programs interface with WSJT and the contacts must be logged directly from it, all QSO should be counted. Otherwise, this will be a very boring contest. There has got to be some way to improve it
N7GHZSO LP ALLHad to shut down early around 2335 GMT due to lightning :-(
N8URESO QRP 20MIt was a fun contest this year with a lot of participation. Contacts were split about 50/50 between FT4 and FT8. I found it was easier to complete contacts on FT8, as FT4 had a lot of QSB and QRM. This made up for the slower rate
N8VWSO LP ALLI operated mostly FT4 mode and had lots of fun. Only got stuck in a contact loop one time when someone with older software called. Setup a webcam in front of my K3 so I could make sure that I didn't have any issues with the antenna tuner and changing bands. The zs6bkw antenna is most resonant on 20m and 10m but for the CW segment I have to use the tuner. Trying to find the correct angle to view the display was an interesting problem and had to turn on the camera night mode so the K3 took on a weird washed out appearance. Sitting in the living room watching operating the contest, watching tv, and getting in a little guitar practice all at the same time is probably the best contest experience ever
N9GQASO QRP 20MEnjoyed operating in this contest for a little less than 4 hours. Band conditions seemed excellent
N9TFSO LP ALLWish ops would use FT4 more and spread out in the digital spectrum. Note to ops who insist on answering my CQ on my call freq and then decided to call CQ on same freq when our Q is complete... you will be NIL! Spread out and work split!
NA5MSO LP ALLBetter conditions and more ops this year. Had fun. Will have the Mosley up next year

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