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Best 60 Minute QSO Rates

2019 - 2023

Based on valid QSOs1. Click on the View log link to view the log for that hour.

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Single Operator

High Power

116LZ8E   (LZ2BE)2023View log
1105B4AMM   2022View log
102NV6D   (K6MR)2019View log
96K3MM   2022View log
95K5ZD   2019View log
94LZ8E   (LZ2BE)2022View log
945B4AMM   2021View log
93K5ZD   2022View log
87K5ZD   2020View log
86K3MM   2023View log
85AA3B   2022View log
85*AA5AU   2019View log
83K5ZD   2023View log
82*N8HRZ   2023View log
82W7EW   2021View log
81*KA6BIM   2023View log
80W7EW   2023View log
80*EC3A   2022View log
79OM7JG   2021View log
79W7EW   2020View log

Low Power

85AA5AU   2019View log
82N8HRZ   2023View log
81KA6BIM   2023View log
80EC3A   2022View log
76NN5SS   (WV4P)2022View log
75KR1DX   (K6JO)2020View log
75WB0TEV   2019View log
74N0AT   2021View log
71CT3KN   2023View log
71LX7I   (DF7EE)2022View log
69N4PX   (WV4P)2021View log
68WV4P   2023View log
67DM8MH   2023View log
67OE3FVU   2022View log
66YL1ZF   2021View log
65CT3HF   2022View log
65N7UVH   2022View log
65W1UE   2022View log
65KI6DY   2021View log
64W1UE   2023View log


60ZZ2P   2022View log
51WQ9F   2023View log
51ON3CQ   2020View log
48HK3W   2020View log
44RT6DI   2023View log
44N4FUR   2022View log
41ON3CQ   2019View log
39SV1DZB   2023View log
38YV6BXN   2023View log
38WQ5L   2022View log
38ON3CQ   2021View log
37N4FUR   2023View log
36IZ3NVR   2023View log
36YO8SEP   2022View log
34S50A   2022View log
34DF1LON   2021View log
34IZ8EDL   2021View log
34NB0V   2021View log
34UT5ECZ   2020View log
33PE2K   2023View log


Single-Transmitter High Power

76N4SVC   (K4SME KD4AMP N2CEI)2021View log
59SE0X   (DD1MAT SM0MDG SM0MLZ)2020View log
55DA0RR   (DG6YID DF8XC)2023View log
55OK1KSL   (OK1AHJ OK1DIN OK1FAK OK1I...)2023View log
54K9YY   (K9YY KG9OV)2023View log
53NV9L   (NV9L WB9Z)2023View log
52K3AJ   (K3AJ K3WA)2021View log
52NV9L   (NV9L WB9Z)2021View log
51W4IPC   (W4IPC KM4SII AA4LS)2020View log
50NA5NN   (W5UE K2FF N5YT KI5ZYU KJ5...)2023View log
50NV9L   (NV9L WB9Z)2022View log
50K6UFO   (K6TD ND2T K6UFO)2020View log
49PA6B   (PE1KL PA2LS)2020View log
48PT5J   (PP5JR PU5BIA PU5FJR PU5JD...)2020View log
46W7YED   (W7YED KJ7KOJ KK7EXT)2022View log
46DR1X   (DG6YID DF8XC)2020View log
45IQ1VD   (IX1CLD IX1HPN IX1LOA IX1V...)2022View log
45LZ7A   (LZ1RF LZ1AO)2020View log
44DR1X   (DF8XC DG6YID)2022View log
44OK1KSL   (OK1AHJ OK1DIN OK1FAK OK1W...)2022View log

Single-Transmitter Low Power

55OE1XTU   (OE1GAQ OE4MQW OE1KDK)2023View log
55S56B   (S56B S51ZJ S51TC)2022View log
53WT0DX   (WT0DX NO0T)2021View log
51EA3RCB   (EA3AYQ EA3IJA EA3DVP EB3E...)2023View log
50YL1ZF   (YL1ZF YL3IW)2022View log
494A2MAX   (XE2W XE2AHN XE2KJ XE2NK X...)2021View log
48YU5R   (YT2AAA YT3PL YT7AW)2020View log
47M5W   (M0ABR M0HMJ)2022View log
45DA0AA   (DB9CR DG9NAJ)2022View log
45YO3GNF   (YO3GNF YO8ENF)2020View log
44EF7W   (EC7KW EA7JXZ EA7ZC)2022View log
43HB9OK   (HB9OCR HB9OBD)2023View log
43LU6VEK   (LU6VEK LU4VSD)2022View log
43YO3FRI   2021View log
42W0AAE   (W0AAE KA4RLL WW0CJ K6BFL)2021View log
41K0AJW   (W0OVX N7IV W0AOO N0GC W0H...)2021View log
41YO3GNF   (YO3GNF YO8ENF)2021View log
40DN5MT   (DN5MT DF9VI)2023View log
404A2MAX   (XE2W XE2N XE2DLC XE2NL)2020View log
394F3BZ   (4F3BZ DW3ZLL DY3ILL)2022View log


101NA5NN   (K2FF W5UE)2019View log
91RK0AZC   (BARABANOV_IL'YA BORO...)2020View log
88S51A   (S51TC S51ZJ S52D S55KZ S5...)2020View log
79BY1RX   (BH3DHE BG6BHA BD1KV BI1NJ...)2023View log
76KI6DY   (KI6DY K8RGI)2022View log
76K6UFO   (K6UFO ND2T W0YK WD6T K6TD...)2021View log
75S51A   (S51JM S51TC S51ZJ S52D S5...)2021View log
74K6MTU   (NN6U ND2T K6UFO W0YK K6TD)2023View log
71WA3EKL   (WA3EKL KB3VQC N3DPB)2023View log
71VR2CC   (VR2XMT VR2XYL)2019View log
69S51A   (S51TC S51ZJ S52D S55KZ S5...)2019View log
679M2TO   (9M2TO ( SINGLE OPERATOR ))2020View log
66E2K   (E25CRF HS1BJP HS2AQG HS2S...)2023View log
66N4SVC   (KD4AMP KO4VFA K4SME KD4IP...)2022View log
66WA3EKL   (WA3EKL KB3VQC K3MTR K0OO...)2022View log
66UZ2I   (UT2II UT2IV UY2IF US1ITU...)2021View log
64VR2CC   (VR2XYL VR2XMT)2020View log
63NW8S   (KB8O AB8M)2019View log
61EA3Y   (EA3Y EA3AKA)2022View log
61WA3EKL   (WA3EKL WT3K KB3VQC K3MTR...)2021View log


168LX9DX   (DF7EE DD5ZZ)2020View log
158ZW5B   (PY5EJ PY5XT PY5EG PY5CC P...)2022View log
151K1SFA   (K1MK K1NZ K1SFA K1TTT K2I...)2021View log
149ZW5B   (PY5CC PY2NDX PY5KD PU2XDX...)2023View log
134K1SFA   (K1TTT K1NZ K1SFA WA2BOT W...)2023View log
123P33W   (LZ2HM LZ3SM ANDY_JR ADI_J...)2020View log
119K1TTT   (W0AAE K1NZ KC1KUG W1ZZ K1...)2020View log
119ZW5B   (PY5HSD PY2WC PY5KD PY5EG...)2020View log
118ZW5B   (PY5EG PY5KD PU2TIB PY5CC)2021View log
1159A1A   (9A9A 9A4BP 9A7PP 9A7ROR 9...)2020View log
110K1SFA   (WA2BOT K1MK K1SFA K1TTT K...)2022View log
110K1SFA   (K1MK K1NZ K1SFA K1TTT K2I...)2019View log
109NA5NN   (K2FF N4LR W5UE)2022View log
1089A1A   (9A9A 9A7R 9A7ROR 9A4BP 9A...)2019View log
108P33W   (LZ2HM ANDY_JR)2019View log
102ZW5B   (PP5NS PU2TIB PU5SIX PY5CC...)2019View log
97NF3R   (NF3R KA3G)2022View log
93NT0K   (AA4LS N4ETC N4PHF)2019View log
85KA4RRU   (KA4RRU WC4J WA4GSD)2019View log
80DL0PPP   (DL0PPP DL8OBF DO7RD DO4FD...)2021View log

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(*) Indicates low power entry in higher power category.

1 Definiton of Valid QSOs

The rate calculation includes all QSOs that count for raw score credit. The following are not included in the rate record calculation.

The intent of removing these QSOs is to reward records based on valid QSOs by removing QSO lines that are invalid or incomplete.

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